Singing Equality across America

and around the World!

Through our innovative program “Singing Equality across America and around the World,” we are planting seeds of equality through a song inspired by the Sun poem in school districts across the county. Children love the song! Help us reach millions of young people! Please share.

Singing Equality across America and

Around the World!

Genesis: We all see the Stars Register for Song

We all See the Stars – In Sign Language! - 2019 performance by the American School for the Deaf & CRIDDERS performing Troupe.
800 Children singing our Song - New Haven School district - 2015 performance led by Ellen Maust, music director.
500 Children Singing our Song - Ferryway School - Malden Mass., 2019 performance led by Jaclyn O'Connor.
429 Children singing our Song - Highland Goffes Fall School in New Hampshire - 2016 Performance led by Barbara Schwalbe.

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The Sun Poem

A Timeless, Universal Message

"Are you greater than the sun;
that shines on everyone;
Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White
the sun does not discriminate"

©1985 Sara Ting

The poem roots us in our humanity. Our innate differences make the world a richer place. Please share to help us reach 1 million people!

The Sun Poem

A Timeless, Universal Message

History of the Sun Poem World Unity Landmark

The First Landmark Promoting Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

World Unity Inc. has been dedicated to building the first landmark in the world promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion showcasing the Sun poem.

PSA Campaign for TV and Radio

World Unity, Inc.'s PSA campaign for TV and radio is ongoing. 2019 CBS Network scheduled the PSA to play for a year and a half. They said, “Outstanding PSA with a very important message.”

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