By Report Year

  1998 Charlestown Navy Yard 2006 10th Annual Event, 2nd Annual Poetry Contest  
  1999 Fan Pier 2007 11th Annual Event, 3rd Annual Poetry Contest  
  2000 The Central Artery 2008 Wolf Landscape Preliminary Plan, 4th Annual Poetry Contest  
  2001 Resolution passed by Boston City Council 2009 13th Annual Event, Search for Designer  
  2002 6th Annual Fundraiser, NPR Story 2010 14th Annual Poetry Contest, 6th Annual Poetry Contest  
  2003 MOA Finalized 2011 World Unity Landmark Design  
  2004 Letter of Intent, Symposium 2012 Structural Analysis and 8th Annual Poetry Contest  
  2005 9th Annual Fundraiser, Symposium, First Poetry Contest 2013 PSA and Donor Recognition  
  2014 Singing Equality Across America 2015 We all see the stars at the United Nations  
  2016 Cabaret Night and Tshirts 2017 Kyle Corkum of LStar Ventures welcomes the World Unity Landmark to Union Point.      


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