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Elementary School

 1st Place

Marina Stevenson, 5th Grade, Happy Hallow, Wayland

Just One Touch

Just one touch
and I’ll find out
That you’re not at all
different from me.
Just the shake of a hand
and I’ll soon know
that looks can truly be deceiving
Just a simple gesture
and I’ll have known for sure
that what happened in the past meant nothing.
It’s the soul that shines
the brightest
And the heart that has the bling

  2nd Place



Taylor Mittelsteadt, 5th Grade, Happy Hallow, Wayland

Jason’s Sight

Jason is blind
He cannot see
the difference between you and me
Black or white,
Yellow or red,
Dark hair or light.
Whether you’re tall
Or whether you’re small
whether you’re smart, or whether you’re dumb
whether you’re happy or glum
He sees us the same.
But I do not think he is blind,
although he cannot see,
He knows we are different,
not because of our skin,
but what we think,
we like,
we play
What make us us,
day after day
And so he is not blind,
We all should see
Like he.

  3rd Place

Brit Ellis, 5th Grade, Chenery Middle School, Belmont


He’s just like me, though he’s a he-
And I’m certainly a she

We’re so alike in ways that matter
Like the way we laugh and chatter

And how we really think it’s cool
To do our best, work hard in school

Some kids say he’s not my kind,
Not my type, but I don’t mind

So what if he has different skin,
Or chubby cheeks, while I’m thin

We may not look the same to you
But where it counts, we match, we do!

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