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Impact on Narobi

Ken Barasa on the Sun Poem as performed in Kenya Africa

We've inspired a young man from Narobi Kenya who is sharing our poem in Narobi and has a dream to share it with the continent of Africa.

The Sun Poem

Ken Barasa on Sara Ting's The sun Poem as done in Narobi Kenya, Africa

Important change to note in this video. World Unity Inc. is no longer looking at Children’s Wharf Park as a site for the World Unity Landmark.  The new site will be at Union Point in Weymouth MA.  

Educative, Activism, Peace and Unity. These are some of the reasons why the author wrote this poem. Sara Ting is a diversity consultant and poetry educator. She is the president of World Unity, Inc based in Boston, MA. The poem has touched and inspired many lives enabling them to embrace humanity and appreciate diversity. This poem is now coming to Africa as a whole. Kennedy Barasa is the ambassador of World Unity, Inc. bringing the great message behind the poem in Kenya and Africa. 

Thanks for your continued leadership and support.

Warm regards,

Sara Ting
Founder & President 


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