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-COMING TO BOSTON CITY HALL -  Co-Hosted by World Unity Inc.

June 2,1999 -- Boston, MA With several strong showings at the Historic State House in Boston, Massachusetts and the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Bill Overton brings his homage to the struggles of the individual races to Boston City Hall for the month of June. Entitled The Media: Shaping the Image of a People, this unique exhibit features illustrations and cartoons used in the print media that chronicle the social and political customs and events of the period of 1860-1890, and reflect the racial and cultural biases of late 19th century America, to show African Americans, Irish, Asians, and others in various aspects of political, commercial, family and cultural life. 

The exhibit begins its run on Tuesday, June 1, 1999, continuing through the month of June, with a special event moderated by WBZ-TV anchorwoman Liz Walker scheduled for Thursday, June 3, 1999, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Presented by Bill Overton, a star athlete, model, actor, and now producer, Shaping, the Image of a People shines a light on our collective pasts through the vehicle of images appearing in Harper’s Weekly and other newspapers dealing with societal attitudes, biases, customs, practices and policies which can be created, Mirrored, reinforced or undermined by images in the media. Shaping the lmage of a People kicked off its national tour on August 3, 1998 at the Historic Union Chapel, and on August 21, 1998 featured a special panel discussion/reception for the media and invited guests. The exhibit has amassed several supporters from Dr. Maya Angelou, The Screen Actors Guild, The Simon Wiesenthal Center to companies such as The Boston Globe Foundation, BET, ARCO, Anheuser Busch to name just a few.

Shaping the Image of a People follows its City Hall viewing with a second run at the Historic Union Chapel in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, in August. Plans are also currently being made for the exhibit to visit the following cities: Seattle; San Francisco; Las Vegas; Chicago; Washington, DC; Salt Lake City; Philadelphia; Detroit; Los Angeles; Atlanta; and Nantucket.

Shaping the image of a People will be on view at Boston City Hall through June 25. Come out to appreciate and applaud Bill Overton's powerful, disturbing, provocative, and enduring images that were partly responsible for shaping our individual and collective identities.

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"The Simon Wiesenthal Center has been honored to work with Bill Overton..... His unique collection of 19th Century images are presented in a sensitive and enlightening way which encourages honest discussion on sensitive issues related to race and the media."

Rabbi Abraham Cooper,Associate Dean, Simon Wiesenthat Center Museum of Tolerance

"'Me images in Harpers Weekly ... clearly illustrate the social, racial and political climate of the time .... offering an interesting forum for exploring the effects of these images on our psyche and the impact they continue to have today. KCET believes the information will be of interest to our viewers and wholeheartedly supports this project."

David L. Crippens Senior Vice-President Educational Enterprises KCET Public Television for Southern and Central California<

"It was an honor to have you speak .... Your presence enabled us to fully appreciate not only the exhibit but also your dedication to educating others about the way African Americans find others are represented in the media."

Julia Glaser, Program Coordinator, Americorps, Los Angeles Partnership for Service Learning

"The membership of our unions walked away with an abundance of knowledge and motivation. .[Bill Overton's] artistic presentation set a historic tone that will not go unnoticed."

Sonya Y Maddox, Chair, SAG/AFTRA/African American Subcommittee

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