2019 Annual Report

Piers Park

World Unity, Inc. has been dedicated to its mission and vision since 1993. One of our major initiatives is to build the first landmark in the world promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. The World Unity Landmark will showcase the Sun poem. It expresses a timeless, universal and transformative message. Securing a site has been an ongoing challenge.

We began the year with excitement. The World Unity Landmark was invited to be part of the development of 1,500 acres of land spearheaded by Kyle Corkum of LStar Ventures. His vision was to create a community that was innovative, diverse and inclusive. Two hundred students were invited on a field trip to see the development the land. We were invited to present the World Unity Landmark. By the spring the development came to a halt due to mismanagement of money. World Unity Inc. went back to East Boston to revisit sites we were considering. With he guidance and direction of Councilor Edwards and Representative Madaro we were presented with the possibility of Piers Park which has been in the progress of being developed. We reached out to ten leaders in the community to introduce our initiative. The overwhelming response was very positive. Here were some of the comments:

  • “It looks great! I look forward to working with you and the East Boston community to make this vision a reality.” Rep. Adrian Madaro
  • “Thank you for your leadership, vision and persistence. Thank you for your work to make the world a more beautiful place--I really like the positivity and simplicity of your approach. The monument is beautiful.” – Justin Pasquariello, Executive Director East Boston Social Centers
  • “This is wonderful.” – Matthew Pollack

We continue with our vision to plant seeds of equality through the program, “Singing Equality across America and around the World.” This year we worked closely with a Jaclyn O’Connor a teacher in the Malden Public Schools. She not only taught the students the song she also engaged them in a discussion about the meaning of the song and had them write down their responses to questions that revealed the impact the song had on them and the impact they thought it could make in their lives and the community.

To celebrate Memorial Day she had 500 students performed the song! We produced a video of the performance and showcased on our website.

Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito wrote support letter recognizing the Sun poem to raise self-awareness and promote equality, diversity and inclusion. Self-awareness is essential to overcoming one’s prejudices and biases.

World Unity Inc. submitted our PSA to CBS Network TV for consideration. The response we received, “It’s an outstanding PSA and a very important message. We will be proud to schedule it,” Matthew, Margo, Sen. VP. Program Practices, CBS Network TV.

World Unity Inc. sponsored its 23rd Annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Gala! It was very well received. Our keynote speaker, Joan Reed, Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership at Harvard Medical School. Her presentation was inspirational! We had many new sponsors including Walmart, CVS Health, VHB, Tetra Tech and Rockland Trust Foundation. We raised over $43,000 and our expense was over $18,000.

We sponsored the 3rd Annual Cabaret Night Celebrating Diversity and Unity at the Back Bay Social Club. We had a great selection of performers from jazz singers, to hip hop to dancers and raised. Over $800. The event was very well received. We ended the year on a great note. Being welcomed to be part of a major development called Future city!


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