2018 Annual Report

Union Point

World Unity, Inc. has been dedicated to its mission and vision since 1993. One of our major initiatives is to build the first landmark in the world promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. The World Unity Landmark will showcase the Sun poem. It expresses a timeless, universal and transformative message. Securing a site has been an ongoing challenge. In 2001 we were officially designated by Robert Prince, general manager of the MBTA to be part of Children’s Wharf Park. In 2017 the park was designated for Richard Martin one of the victims from the Boston Marathon bomb. The World Unity Landmark was not included in the development of the park. Parks Commissioner Chris Cross directed us to consider LoPresti Park in East Boston. We met with Councilor Sal LaMattina who supported the idea and identified organizations within the community to present our idea. We began the process of setting up a meeting and inviting the stakeholders in the community. Everything took a big turn when we were invited to be part of an exciting development of a future city.

World Unity Inc. was invited by Howard Elkus, from Elkus and Manfredi, to be part of Union Point, a major development of 1,500 acres of land spearheaded by Kyle Corkum of LStar Ventures. He was invited to speak at our 22nd Annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Gala, to share his vision to create a community that’s innovative, diverse and inclusive. He welcomed the World Unity Landmark to be part of it. ndmark.

We continue with our vision to plant seeds of equality through the program, “Singing Equality across America and around the World.” We reached out to school districts across the nation to introduce our free program to Directors of Music and the Fine Arts to share our song with their music teachers. Over 72 school districts across the country have signed on to the program. This year our song was performed for the first time at the 37th Annual Dr. King Event at the Strand Theater in Roxbury by students from the Boston Public Schools. We produced a video and showcased it on our website.

A resolution was initiated by a leader in the community who was impacted by the Sun poem over ten years ago. It was unanimously passed by the Boston City recognizing the Sun poem as a powerful tool to help individuals overcome their biases and see the common humanity, we all share.

World Unity Inc. sponsored its 22nd Annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Gala! It was very well received. Our keynote speaker, Joan Reed, Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership at Harvard Medical School. Her presentation was inspirational! We had many new sponsors including Walmart, CVS Health, VHB, Tetra Tech and Rockland Trust Foundation. We raised over $43,000 and our expense was over $18,000.

We sponsored the 3rd Annual Cabaret Night Celebrating Diversity and Unity at the Back Bay Social Club. We had a great selection of performers from jazz singers, to hip hop to dancers and raised. Over $800. The event was very well received. We ended the year on a great note. Being welcomed to be part of a major development called Future city!


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