2017 Annual Report

June 2017

World Unity, Inc. has been dedicated to its mission and vision since 1993. Our major initiative is to build the World Unity Landmark showcasing the Sun poem. In 2001 we were officially designated by Robert Prince, the general manager of the MBTA to be part of Children’s Wharf Park. In 2017 the park was designated for Richard Martin one of the victim’s from the Boston Marathon bomb. The World Unity Landmark was not included in the development of the park. Parks Commissioner Chris Cross directed us to consider LoPresti Park in East Boston. We met with Councilor Sal LaMattina who supported the idea and identified organizations within the community to present our idea. We began the process of setting up a meeting and inviting the stakeholders in the community. This was put on hold when we received an opportunity to be part of an exciting development of a future city.

Howard Elkus a longtime supporter reached out to us to consider locating the World Unity Landmark in Union Point a major development of 1,500 acres of land in Weymouth spearheaded by Kyle Corkum of LStar Ventures. We gave a presentation to Kyle who embraced us and welcomed the World Unity Landmark to Union Point. We invited him to share his vision of the development, a community that’s people centered and inclusive and will include the World Unity Landmark. This marked a major milestone in our vision to build the World Unity Landmark.

We developed another exciting initiative - to turn the World Unity Inc. song into a dance. We collaborated with Shauna Daddabbo who choreographed, “Dance in the Light.” It was performed at World Unity Inc.’s 21st Annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Gala. We had major sponsors that included, Merck, Optum, Harvard University, Boston Private Bank, MITRE Corporation, Bond Brothers, Chestnut Hill Realty, Newton Wellesley Hospital, Northeastern University School of Nursing and Simmons College of Nursing, Dr. Watkins and the Simshauser and Ting Family. The funds we raised from the gala totaled $42,696. The expense, $19,148.

Our program, “Singing Equality across America,” is an ongoing initiative. We see it as planting the seeds of equality in the next generation through this song. Barbara Schwalbe a teacher in Manchester New Hampshire was inspired by our first video of 100 children singing the song that she taught the entire school of 429 children the song and had them perform it in sign language. This video continues to inspire other schools to teacher their students the song. With this program we are planting seeds of equality. As people view the video we invite people to imagine if children in communities across Massachusetts, America and the world learned the song and it lived in their hearts into adulthood, the kind of world we could have! Imagine if they could perform the song now for public officials, police officers, policy makers, law makers and leaders of industries the impact it could have!

We sponsored the 3rd Annual Cabaret Night Celebrating Diversity and Unity at the Back Bay Social Club. We had a great selection of performers from jazz singers, to hip hop to dancers and raised. Over $700. The event was very well received.

Our website was redesigned and one priority was to make sure its mobile friendly. Board members approved the design and offered some minor suggestions. We continue to tweak it to ensure it is user friendly.

The year ended on a great note, finding a home where the World Unity Landmark was welcomed!


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