The Sun Poem is now a Song!

Special thanks again to Arielle and Ethan Smith for helping to coordinate the selection process. We thank Danny Garriga, Rufus Faulk, Wendy Berk, Yiyi Xia, Rachael Chambers, John Everett, Ed Jackson, Kaniah Dixon Dunn, Etsehiwot Mebratu, Fahreen Haque, Kate and Forum who participated.

We all See the Stars

John Ciambriello is the winner of the 2014 songwriting competition to turn the Sun poem into a song and make it come alive!

We’re very excited about the winning song! Entries came from California, Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Connecticut and Massachusetts!

For our 18th Annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Gala Event, John drove up from Connecticut to perform the song.