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Poetry Contest Winners

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Winning Poems | May 2024


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Sara Ting

2 Eliot Place
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


Abdul Lawal 4th Grade Student, Hale Elementary School


Nature keeps life in check,
so why do humans wreck, our only home?
Trees give air, animals give food.
But, some humans bring destruction.
The Earth has not denied us,
so why don't we guard?


Danae Cumberbatch, 6th Grade Student, Curley School


Look to your left, look to your right,
Do you see eye to eye?
If we had a world where we are all the same
All the same taste, All the same name,
Would we survive, thrive, or have joy in our lives?
Without trees, how would a woodpecker peck,
A bee build its hive, a bird build its nest?
Without diversity how would we be unique?
Grown, Learn, Continue to seek Answers. And the one that I speak:
Without diversity I wouldn't be me.


Charity Castano DeLacruz, 12th Grade Student, Boston Community Leadership Academy

Sky Creatures

Have you seen their faces?
Furry, dry, wet, soft
Or even their paces?
Paws, hoofs, fins, and even feet,
All undfer the sky
That's where we meet.