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1998 Annual Report

As an organization, we began the fiscal year with two primary objectives. Number one was securing a site for the Tower and two was to increase the seed money needed to proceed effectively. Efforts to secure the ferry site in East Boston were temporarily abandoned. The primary site focused on in l997 was the site at the Charlestown Navy Yard. We received support from the USS Constitution Museum, The YMCA and the major neighboring institutions. The site is owned by the Boston Redevelopment Authority. We had an initial meeting with them about the site and was advised to submit a full proposal on the project. This has been done and we are now pursuing a follow-up meeting.

It was suggest by Ed Zuker, owner of Chestnut Hill Realty Company, that we revisit securing the fan pier site near the new federal courthouse. This site is owned by the GSA, a federal agency. We had a meeting and have been informed that in order to secure this site we need Judge Woodlock and Judge Lynch to buy into the idea. We are developing a strategy to approach the judges.

In September of 1997, we participated in an informal meeting composed of Turner Construction, Weidlinger, Hanscomb and Associates, the MacPherson Partnership and the consulting services of Thomas Liu, of Haley and Aldrich, John Casagrande, a real estate attorney. The objective of this meeting was to inform those present about the project and to solicit support and advice as to how we might proceed toward further realization of the project. We received the support we sought through informal commitments by the various organizations and individuals to participate in the project as it moves forward.

Total revenue for the year was $31,992. Expenses were $1,283. A major factor to this increase was the first fund-raising event held December 12, 1997, which raised approximately $15,149. At the event, World Unity, Inc. received awards from Mayor Menino, Governor Paul Cellucci and Thomas Finneran for its dedication and commitment to building The Sun Unity Tower. The remaining increase was from gifts and contributions from various individuals and organizations during the year. Of special note was the $10,000 gift by George Weiss of George Weiss and Associates.

During the year, five new board members were added, Patric Lacroix, Albert Li, Jim Kasper, George Luu and Roger Harris. This brings the board compliments to 13 members. The primary objectives for fiscal year ’99 will be the same as fiscal year ’98. That of securing the site for the Tower and increasing the need money.


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