Allen Sinai

Chief Global Economist & President

Decision Economics Inc.

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Dr. Allen Sinai is Chief Global Economist/Strategist and President of Decision Economics, Inc. (DE), an economic and financial markets information and advisory firm with offices in New York, London, Boston and Chicago. DE is a global-centric, independent provider of information products and services to a wide range of financial institutions, corporations, government, and individuals.

Prior to co founding DE in 1996, Allen had been Chief Global Economist and a Managing Director at Lehman Brothers, Inc. (1983-96) and its various subsidiaries.

He previously was Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Economist at Data Resources, Inc. (1971-83), a Lexington, Mass. company headed by Harvard Professor Otto Eckstein that pioneered the use of quantitative macroeconomics and applied econometrics in forecasting the economy and financial markets for business and financial institution decisionmaking. senior executive leadership to adopt diversity goals as part of an annual incentive compensation plan. Previously, she served as the board chair of Iron Mountain's DEI advisory board.

Dr. Sinai holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Northwestern University (1969) and an A.B. Degree in Economics with Honors from the University of Michigan (1961). He is married to Lee Sinai, a writer of recreational books, including Discover Martha's Vineyard. The Sinai's have two children, Lauren and Todd, and five grandchildren.

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April 2024

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