Are you greater than the sun; That shines on everyone: Black, Brown, Yellow Red and White; the sun does not discriminate ...

© Sara Ting 1985


World Unity, Inc. promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion by raising self-awareness through the Sun Poem, and empowering and inspiring individuals through the Arts, Education, and Innovative ideas. Our vision is a world that values everybody!

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A Continuing and Lasting Contribution

In Massachusetts we’re especially faced with a reputation of not welcoming people of color as outlined in the Commonwealth Compact signed by the Governor, the Mayor of Boston, Newton, Somerville and up to 260 companies, organizations and institutions. We are building the first and only landmark in the world promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. As we go forward we will need your continued support, generosity and leadership.

World Unity, Inc. seeks to make a continuing and lasting contribution towards the elimination of all forms of racial, ethnic, gender, religious and cultural bigotry, prejudices, discrimination and biases. We envision the construction of a permanent landmark with an inscription of the Sun Poem will help promote Diversity and achieve this vision. The World Unity Landmark is addressing an issue that affects all people every day, in every community across Boston, Massachusetts, America and around the world.

We need you to share our vision and mission with family and friends by sharing our website: ( We have a powerful landmark. It can help and empower each of us see the common humanity we all share and transform our world.

Board of Directors


Ken Barasa
Wendy Berk
Russel Chin, Esq.
John Businger
Rachel Chamber
Joseph Feaster Jr.
Thomas Feeney
Susan Finegan
Hubie Jones
Jim Kasper
Cherie Kiser
Helen Li
Juan Lopez
Brett McDonald
J. Keith Motley PhD
Jack Murphy
Alan Newsome
Peter Poras
Robert Prince
Peter Sanichara
Bob Sansone
Keith Timmerman
Suzanne Wong
Edward Zuker

World Unity Inc Committee

Trisha Ambe
Ana Correa-Graham
Stephanie Chen
Danico Cho
Cynthia Gatto
John Everett
Linda Fung
Vivian Ho
Ed Jackson
Dara Lim
Carolyn McQuillan
Erin Morrill
Wassel Othman
Sandy Pascal
Alicia Polak
Shweta Patakkode
Trish Pries
Shilpa Shrivastava
Julianne Sylva
Michelle Waters-Ekanem
Rengu Zhang
Elaine Yuan


Anowsh Dadgar
Dr. Michael Watkins
Thomas P. O'Neill III
Joel Aronson
John Chuang
Frank McCourt
Phillip Wade


Endorsements for The World Unity Landmark

Senator Warren
Governor Baker
Senator Edward Kennedy
Senator John Kerry
Congressman Joseph Moakley
Former Governor Paul Cellucci
John Major, former Prime Minister of England
Prime Minister's Bureau of Israel - Eitan Haber
Representative Emanuel G. Serra
State Representative Salvatore F. DiMasi
USS Constitution Museum
Boston Armed Services YMCA of Boston
East Boston Chamber of Commerce
East Boston Project Advisory Committee
The Heritage Apartments
Associated Industries of Massachusetts
Columbia Point Associates
AC Cruise Line
Boston Harbor Master
Save The Harbor Save The Bay
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.
Office of Travel and Tourism
Human Rights Commission
The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
Facing History and Ourselves
The National Conference for Community and Justice
Metropolitan Council For Educational Opportunity
Rollins Griffith Teacher Center of Boston
Wheelock College
The Partnership
South Cove Community Health Center
Japanese American Citizens League
International Institute
City Mission Society
National Association of Asian American Professionals
The Office of New Bostonians
The Asian American Resource Workshop
BNY Mellon
Congressman Lynch
At-Large Boston City Councilor Ayana Pressley
At-Large City Councilor Stephen Murphy
At-Large City Councilor Michelle Wu
City Councilor Matt O’Malley
City Councilor Michael F. Flaherty

Our Story

Centerpiece of a Public Service Campaign

In l985, The Sun Poem was the centerpiece of a public service campaign to promote racial and ethnic harmony throughout the city of Boston. A multimedia campaign publicized the poem on television, radio, the mass transit and on billboards throughout the city. The campaign was so successful it was also initiated in New York City and Providence, RI. in the late 80’s.

In New York City the campaign brought together five racially diverse non-profit organizations to sponsor the campaign, The National Puerto Rican Forum, The New York Urban Coalition, The Chinatown Planning Council, The American Jewish Congress and The National Conference of Community and Justice.

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Creation of The Sun Poem Workshop

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In l986, the poem was the inspiration for the creation of The Sun Poem Workshop. The workshop it's designed to use poetry, creative writing and oral expression as a way of sensitizing students to appreciate differences in people. Through grants, hundreds of children in public and private schools throughout the Commonwealth participated. The workshop has also been presented at national conferences.

The Sun poem has also been kept alive through a graphically designed poster. Its displayed in over 20 colleges and universities across New England as well as public schools throughout Massachusetts. Many city and state facilities such as the Boston Housing Authority have it on display as an educational tool to promote racial and ethnic harmony.

World Unity, Inc. was founded

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The organization's mission is to make an enduring contribution to the elimination of all forms of prejudice, biases and discrimination.

1st design of the World Unity monument.

Winning Design Concept in Design Competition at Boston Architectural College

Fort Point Channel and Seaport District.

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A World Unity Landmark Competition was held in 2011 to provide a home for the design. The Fort Point Channel and Seaport District represented a “new” neighborhood in defining Boston in the 21st century and beyond. The Fort Point Channel and Seaport District is a vibrant home to artists, residents, offices, cultural landmarks and destinations, eclectic architecture and a growing HarborWalk. This area has recently undergone dramatic changes, and continues to define itself as a destination for the city and its visitors.


2014 songwriting competition

We all See the Stars

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John Ciambriello is the winner of the 2014 songwriting competition to turn the Sun poem into a song and make it come alive!

Entries came from California, Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Connecticut and Massachusetts!

Special thanks again to Arielle and Ethan Smith for helping to coordinate the selection process. We thank Danny Garriga, Rufus Faulk, Wendy Berk, Yiyi Xia, Rachael Chambers, John Everett, Ed Jackson, Kaniah Dixon Dunn, Etsehiwot Mebratu, Fahreen Haque, Kate and Forum who participated. For our 18th Annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Gala Event, John drove up from Connecticut to perform the song...

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PSA Campaign for TV, Radio and Social Media

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In the first week of August 2016, World Unity, started distributing its 30 second public service announcement to cities across the country. Within three weeks it started airing on the following Radio Stations:

WBZ radio in Boston MA
WCBS radio New York City, NY
WKDU, Philadelphia, PA
WPRX, Hartford Conn
KDTR, Billings, MT.
KSPD, Boise, ID
KIRS, Fort Smith, AR
and KRFC, Fort Collins,CO

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National Poster Contest

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World Unity Inc. reached out to over 420 art schools and the art department of colleges and universities across the country! The winner of the National Poster Contest inviting students to give a visual expression of the Sun poem is Lynette Slape from the University of Oregon. The title of her piece is “Equal.”

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5 Minute Leadership Dialogue Series

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World Unity Inc's Leadership Dialog program began Short interviews asking thought-provoking questions.”

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