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Winning Poems | May 2023


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Sara Ting

2 Eliot Place
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


Saniya Krause 4th Grade Student, Ohrenberger School

I Love All Skin Tone

Nature comes in different colors red, white, or blue nature is special

Black, brown, Tan, white everyone is a masterpiece

No matter what country, town, or city you are from you are a masterpiece

I am special too.


Lorelei Hill, 6th Grade Student, Curley School


People are like plants

They rise in the light

And wilt in the shade

No one deserves to be in the shade


John Maachi, 12th Grade Student, Boston Latin Academy


Forgive me, sun, for the wrongdoings of my fellow men,

who reject your light and send away your warmth

claiming it isn’t enough to make them happy.

Send all the wavelengths you can,

and even if we can’t see their beauty

I promise that something will.

In the face of a spectrum full of color,

how cruel must someone be to only accept one?