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 <strong> The Design: </strong> <br> <br> The World Unity Landmark will showcase the Sun poem.  
    It was designed by Ardian Ramadani and Boilame Pierre, from the Boston Architectural College. </strong> <h1>The Wall: </h1> <br> <br> The Sun poem inspired the design concept.  It engages the viewer to 
        be self-reflective and an opportunity to have a transformative experience. <b> First Milestone: </b> <br> <br>In 2001 MBTA designated World Unity, Inc. to be part of 
    		Children's Wharf Park, a waterfront site in the Seaport District of Boston  <bold> Second Milestone: </bold> In 2001 the MBTA designated the World Unity Landmark to be 
            part of Children’s Wharf Park. It sits next to the Boston Children’s Museum. <h1> We can reach an estimated 500,000 visitors a year. </h1>  <strong> Third Milestone: </strong> World Unity, Inc. collaborated with the Boston Architectural College on a design competition 
            for the World Unity Landmark. A jury unanimously selected the final design.  <strong> View Across the River: </strong> This is a  striking view of the wall and the city sitting across the river.  <strong> Federal Court View: </strong>  The World Unity Landmark sits across the street from a federal court.  It will serve as a reminder 
            to the legal community, true justice cannot be served if there is any unconscious bias or prejudice impacting the legal process and system. <strong> Donor Recognition: </strong> <br> <br>   This wall establishes a the means for recognizing all the contributors 
            to the World Unity Landmark.  From the trailblazers of the early years,  to long standing leaders and contributors over the years to inspired donors. An opportunity for all contributors from companies, to non-profits to foundations,to individuals to be recognized 
            permanently for their donation.  Leaving a legacy and impacting future generations and the world.  Gateway to the Seaport:     World Unity Inc. envisions the World Unity Landmark standing 
    at the gateway to the Seaport district in Boston. It's a powerful symbol for the community promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. As an international city, 
    the World Unity Landmark can inspire Massachusetts, America and the World.
Artist Rendering:

This is the architect's rendering of the site in the early stages of the development of the design. Follow the link below for the design contest comptetion introduction Design Competition

     A billboard that promoted our message in Chicago

Promoting the message:

View the PSA airing on TV and radio accross the country View PSA

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     With a small donation of $3.00
     you can be recognized forever!

Are you greater than the sun, that shines on everyone;
black, brown, yellow red and white, the sun does not discriminate.

                      Sara Ting. (C) 1985

Top Down View

This is an overhead View of landmark at night.


Dedicated to Building the World Unity Landmark showcasing the Sun poem - Promoting Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion



Promoting the Message: The World Unity Inc. PSA


View the PSA sent to TV and Radio stations across the county More ...

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 World Unity, Inc. is giving you an opportunity to be remembered
forever on the World Unity Landmark donor recognition wall!
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  World Unity Inc's 18th Annual Gala Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Gala Event

The World Unity, Inc.’s 18th Annual Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Gala
was held on Friday, October 17th, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.—11:00 pm. There were Cocktails, Dinner, Silent and Live Auction items, Entertainment, and a
Special Guest Speaker.  The location of the event was at the Boston Marriott, Copley Place at 110 Huntington Avenue.


The Sun Poem

The Sun Poem is now a Song!


Our song writing contest is now complete and a really great song written and performed by John Ciambriello has been selected. John will be performing this song at our 18th annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Gala in October. Click here to listen to the Sun Poem Song!


Kenya Impact

Spotlighting an organization that values equality, diversity, and inclusion

Each month we will to highlight an organization demonstrating a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. Submission Form.  




Empowering Diversity


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16th Annual Event Making a Global Impact in Nairobi Kenya

World Unity, Inc.’s mission and message is making a global impact! We’ve inspired a young man from Nairobi Kenya who is sharing our poem in Nairobi Kenya and has a dream to share it with the continent of Africa.
The video is less than 3 minutes long. more ...  


Extraordinary Stories

Please read the extraordinary stories of how The Sun poem has  changed people - in one case it was a matter of seconds! We hope you will join us in helping to change the world!



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