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Thomas P. O'Neill III
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World Unity, Inc. seeks to make a continuing and lasting contribution towards the elimination of all forms of racial, ethnic, gender, religious and cultural bigotry, prejudices, discrimination and biases. We envision the construction of a permanent landmark with an inscription of the Sun Poem will help promote Diversity and achieve this vision.

The World Unity Landmark is addressing an issue that affects all people every day, in every community across Boston, Massachusetts, America and around the world.  In Massachusetts we’re especially faced with a reputation of not welcoming people of color as outlined in the Commonwealth Compact signed by the Governor, the Mayor of Boston, Newton, Somerville and up to 260 companies, organizations and institutions. 

We are building the first and only landmark in the world promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.  As we go forward we will need your continued support, generosity and leadership.   We need you to share our vision and mission with family and friends by sharing our website: (  We have a powerful landmark.  It can help and empower each of us see the common humanity we all share and transform our world. 


Thank you for being with us this evening and for your support and leadership.