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Virgi Bright Ellington, MD

About Virgi

Dr. Virgie Bright Ellington is an internal medicine physician and medical billing expert. A determined patient advocate, Dr. Virgie practiced more than 20 years in primary care and psychiatric settings and as a health insurance executive.

Dr. Virgie now helps patients understand complex medical procedures, communicate effectively with their healthcare providers, and avoid financial devastation from crushing medical bills through her "What Your Doctor Wants You to Know" series.

She is the author of What Your Doctor Wants You to Know to CRUSH MEDICAL DEBT and the host of the weekly "HEALTH, WELLNESS & MEDICAL BILLS" show on the VoiceAmerica radio network."

Virgi earned her undergraduate and medical degree from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and is a board certified Internal Medicine physician who completed residency at the Cambridge Hospital of the Harvard Medical School.

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