Vince DiPofi PE, President & CEO SSOE Group

Vince DiPofi

About Vince

SSOE Group is a global architecture, engineering, and construction management firm. With 70 years of history, 900-plus employees, and projects in more than 60 countries, SSOE is recognized the world over as a leader in its field. Vince DiPofi is the President and CEO of SSOE. Though he took on his current role in 2019, Vince has been with SSOE for more than 20 years, during which he’s worn many hats. Now, he works to continue the firm’s history of excellence while executing its strategic plans for growth.

Vince first started at SSOE in 2000. In today’s talent market, more people tend to hop between companies. But Vince has been a permanent fixture at SSOE for half of his 40-year career. He only worked at one other company—a place where he spent his first 20 years.
“The first half of my career was spent in the technical side of the business as a mechanical engineer,” he explained. “When I came to SSOE, based on my experience, they hired me to build their food business.”

Having worked with clients in the food industry before, Vince came on not just to run projects, but also to grow that segment of SSOE’s portfolio. His aptitude for business development only grew over time.

“We ended up taking it from a business that was unranked nationally to number two in the country. Our CEO came to me and said, ‘I’d like to pull you out of our food business and have you be business development director for the entire company.’”
Some might have seen it as the next great step in their career. Vince turned the CEO down.
“I felt my strength was understanding the food business. I felt that was the way I sold.” “

He came back to me a year later and asked me again, and this time he said,‘You don’t understand—I’m not asking!’”

It ended up being a great move, and just what Vince needed to learn the ins and outs of the business. He only continued to move up the ranks from there—to Chief Strategy Officer, then Chief Operating Officer, and now Chief Executive.

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