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The Sun Poem & Concert

June 29th Concert

We All See the Stars

June 29th Concert

John Ciambriello is a Singer, & Songwriter and winner of the 2014 songwriting competition.

World Unity Inc. sponsored a songwriting competition to turn the Sun Poem into a song. The criteria was the song must include the four line poem and that it had to be less than 2 minutes. The winner recieved $500 and the song was presented at the World Unity 18th Annual Diversity and Inclusion Gala.

John wrote and performed "We all see the stars", the winning song.

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The Sun Poem & Concert to Empower & Inspire Humanity

  • Opening performance by Children
  • Sun Poem Story by Poet Sara Ting, TEDx Speaker
  • Concert

  • "We all see the Stars" performed by John Ciambriello, Singer & Songwriter. (We all see the Stars) performed by children at the United Nations in 2015

  • Russell Watts - Known for his powerful baritone voice!

Singing Equality across America and around the World

“Singing Equality across America and around the World,” is planting the seeds of equality in the next generation. through the song, “We All See the Stars,” by John Ciambriello, and inspired by the Sun Poem by Sara Ting!

Students love the song, one student commented, “When I sing this song, I feel like I can do anything.” Imagine if millions of students could feel this way the kind of world we could have!

Your donation of $15 or more will support our efforts to reach one school district at a time and present our transformative song that the students love!

Students at the Ferryway school in Malden Massachusetts performed the song in 2019 to honor the Memorial Day weekend. Annie, a student who was so moved by the song she commented, “One day the world will hear the song and it will stop discrimination.” We hope this vision comes true! The song is traveling across the globe! You can help just by sharing this video!

Singing Equality

“Singing Equality across America and around the World,” is a program that is planting the seeds of equality through a song inspired by the Sun poem. “We all See the Stars" written by John Ciambriello was secured through a national song writing contest in 2015.

Imagine giving students a song that can empower them to be themselves and value diversity and inclusion throughout their lives!

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Call to Action:

Now more than ever students need this song!

Your donation can empower us to bring the song to schools, and youth organizations in America and around the world. The power of the song can last a lifetime and impact the next generation!

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Compelling comments from some students who learned the song

One day the world will hear this song and it will stop discrimination. — Annie
It will help remind people that we are all human
— Anthony
I feel inspired when singing this song. — Kevin
When I sing this song, I feel like I can do anything — VH
If everyone in our community heard this song maybe their terrible cold heart can turn into a lovely, caring, red heart — Lunna

— Student Reaction

Empower and Inspire Students and the Community with this Program

World Unity, Inc continues to plant the seeds of equality in the next generation through Singing Equality across America and around the world with your support and help!

Since its, inception, these are some of the schools that have implemented it across the nation.