Matthew Boyle



Matthew Boyle

About Matthew

Matthew Boyle brings strategic business insight to the AAFCPAs Partner team. As the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer, he is the leader of the brand and focuses on AAFCPAs’ client experience, ensuring the authenticity of the value proposition across all practice areas. Matthew joined AAFCPAs in 2013 and has 13 years of diverse experience in public accounting and professional services consulting. He closely monitors the needs of AAFCPAs’ client base, and continuously studies trends on the changing role of the CFO to ensure the firm fulfills its promise to provide the highest quality assurance, tax, and consulting solutions to buyers who appreciate exceptional value.

Matthew’s inspiring leadership includes a high powered marketing team that demonstrates effectiveness, including award-winning design, creative websites, and impactful communications. In addition to conducting in-house trainings and coaching for AAF team members, Matthew delivers educational seminars for business executives such as a Social Media for CFOs in Transition workshop for Financial Executives International (FEI) Boston. He is an adjunct marketing professor at Dean College and an enthusiastic mentor for students and young professionals who want to make a difference with their professional careers.

AAFCPAs is the premier CPA and consulting firm based in New England and considered an attractive alternative to national CPA firms by discerning clients who appreciate exceptional value. We provide audit, tax, accounting, and advisory solutions to nonprofit organizations, commercial companies, and wealthy individuals/estates. Since 1973, our sincere approach to business and service excellence has built a thriving 270 member firm driven by an altruistic mission to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for all our constituents. AAFCPAs donates 10% of its net profits annually to nonprofit organizations.

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