Lars Ojukwu

Program Manager II

(Diversity & Inclusion) at Microsoft

Lars Ojukwu

About Lars


Lars Ojukwu is a creative problem solver with a knack for looking at all sides of any issue. He is passionate about learning, and loves being creative! His positive energy tends to infect those around him, and he loves to understand their stories to better understand how they can showoff who they are.

Passion drives his personal and professional growth and is at the foundation of his career goals. He refuses to accept the world for what is and always encourage his self and his colleagues to challenge the status quo. At the end of the day, his goal is to build positive productive relationships and experiences that build toward a common goal.

Lars professional background has been mostly as an education professional with a focus on marketing, admissions and team building. he is skilled in International Relations, Management, Business Development, Social Media, and Training. He is a strong team builder with a Master's degree focused in Higher Education Administration.

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