Jonathan Feingold

Associate Professor

Boston University School of Law

bob rivers

About Jonathan

Jonathan P. Feingold started as a full-time faculty of Boston University School of Law in January 2020. As an associate professor, he teaches property law, and will adds evidence and critical race theory in future semesters.

Feingold’s scholarship explores the relationship between race, law, and the mind sciences. Much of his recent research has interrogated how and why various American legal regimes, including equal protection doctrine, function to reinforce and reproduce racial hierarchy. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in the California Law Review, Northwestern University Law Review, Utah Law Review, and Temple Law Review. Representative publications include SFFA v. Harvard: How Affirmative Action Myths Mask White Bonus, Hidden in Plain Sight: a More Compelling Case for Diversity, Eyes Wide Open: What Social Science Can Tell Us About the Supreme Court’s Use of Social Science (with Evelyn Carter), and Defusing Implicit Bias (with Karen Lorang).

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