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2006 Annual Report

June 2006

World Unity, Inc. continues to exercise perseverance and patience as we work with the stake holders to finalize the site for the World Unity Landmark at Children’s Wharf Park. We keep informed to make sure the process is moving forward. Throughout the year the Board is updated on the status of the site.

We held our 10th Annual Diversity and Inclusion Gala at the Boston Marriott Hotel. It continues to be our signature event to generate public awareness for the World Unity Landmark. We bring the diverse community together to support a public art project that promotes diversity and inclusion. It was another memorable event with two keynote speakers, Dr. Charles Steinberg, Executive Vice President Affairs, Boston Red Sox and Steven Pemberton, Chief Diversity Officer of Monster.Com. They each gave an inspirational presentation. We continue to reach out to the community and secure new sponsors.

We continued our 2nd annual statewide poetry contest on Diversity and Equality co-sponsoring it with WROR 105.7 FM radio station. There were close to 200 entries from 15 schools across the state. The winners were Maribel Soto, 4th Grade student at the James Curley School in Jamaica Plain, Juliet Barker, 6th grade student at Cherney Middle School, Belmont and William Leetch 11th grade student at Medford High School. Their poems were narrated by them and produced into a 30 second public service announcement that aired throughout the month of February. With the support of the board we co-sponsored with Deloitte our first professional development event �€“ Empowering Asian Americans To Find Their Voice In Corporate America. This event supports our mission to eliminate all forms of prejudice, bias, and discrimination by empowering professionals in the workplace. Leaders from distinguished companies share their strategies for success and how to overcome biases.

Our distinguished speakers represented Deloitte, Citizens Bank, Digitas and Prudential Financial. The event was well attended and received. World Unity, Inc. held two successful symposiums at the Boston Pubic Library, "Creating a World Free of Prejudice Bias and Discrimination." It was a half day event from 9 to 12Noon. Over 70 participants attended. Unfortunately World Unity, Inc. could not continue the symposium due to the lack of volunteers for a steering committee to organize and staff the event. The board went through changes. Five board members were not able to continue serving and resigned. We also added 6 new board members. Total expense for the year $45,260. Total funds rose for 2006 including interest income, $74,518. Our total assets are $288,444 year to date.


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