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Middle School

 1st Place

Zachary Staigerwald Schnall, 8th Grade, William Diamond School, Lexington MA


If the world were made out of only squares,
You would never see lions or tigers or bears.
If polygons covered the face of the planet,
There wouldn’t be bushes or people or granite.

If everyone were the same size on our Earth,
Babies would never grow up after birth.
If children wore a uniform, each one the same,
What would be the point of giving them names?

But just because everyone is disparate,
Doesn’t mean that we’ve the right to demerit
Our friends and our foes for not sharing the same
Features and interests, talents and fame.

For we are all equal, deep down inside,
And that is why every human has self-pride.

  2nd Place



Nicholas Chutoransky, 6th Grade, Bird Middle  School, Walpole MA

Success for Our Nation

We’ve come so far
Since Lincoln’s Proclamation
But there’s still lots to do
For civilization
Equality and diversity
Should be our number one goal
Hate, racism and fairness
Are in our control.
This is a fact we must concede
In order for our nation to succeed.


  3rd Place

Priyanka Roy, 8th Grade, Walsh Middle School, Framingham MA

The Mosaic of the World

Stones of culture

Each unique
Equally valuable

Precious stones
Pieced together
With precision

The priceless mosaic of the world.

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