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Middle School Winners


Julie Devereaux


























Melting PotIt Doesn't Matter

1st Place (Click on image to hear poem)

Skin color,
It doesn’t matter,
It doesn’t matter,
It doesn’t matter,
It doesn’t matter,
It does matter.


Stars in the SkyJames Martinelli - 1st Place
Grade 8
Frederick Harnett Middle School
Blackstone, MA

Not Alone

Alone yet amongst others
Amongst others who have
pained me and destroyed me
looking amongst those I realize
I am not alone

Alex Michaud
8th Grade
Frederick Harnett Middle School
Blackstone, MA

life is like a lockLife is a Lock

Life is a lock.
With many combinations.
And with each combinations,
Is a lesson
A lesson for all to know.
Equality and diversity
One of many.
Big or Small,
Tall or Little,
Young or Old,
And I mean everyone
Should have equal rights.
Just because you’re big and he is small,
Does not mean
You can’t get along.
Another combination
The Golden rule
Treat others how you wish to be treated
Life is a lock
With many combinations

Evan Miller
7th Grade
Beebe School
Malden, MA