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1st Place (Click on image to hear poem)

Same skin
Same sun
Same blood-

Oxygen we all breath in
Carbon dioxide always comes out;

How can we think we’re so different?

Jennifer Leon
12th Grade
Everett High School
Everett, MA

Stars in the Sky


You Are A Star
There’s a talk of different races,
But none of it true,
For there is but one race,
And it includes me and you.
We all live under the same sun,
Sleep under the same moon.
We’ve all asked the same question,
To which the universe softly crooned,
“You, children of the Earth,
Of the soil, you were born abreast.
Of the same shimmering dust
Of an ancient star’s final breath.”
We were that star,
We burned as one.
We are now ones.
We come in different shapes and sizes
But we are still linked.
And alone we flicker,
But together we light up the sky,
Blurring out the stars –
We brightly shine.

Danilo Barbiero
12th Grade
Everett High School
Everett, MA

life is like a lockUntitled

Diversity is something we should all cherish:
The human race filled with people of all different shapes, size & skin colors.
This is what makes each of us unique in our own way
So why is this a problem in society?

I know why…

Because racism still exists
Because stereotypes still label cultures
And because people aren’t able to accept friends outside their race
Maybe the flags are a problem…

We look at people who are outside from the outside
Man, I see things that seem like they will never change…
Unless I start the change and stay true
To myself and to you.

Jordan Sheldon
12th Grade
Everett High School
Everett, MA