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High School  1st Place

Asmita Paranjape, 11th Grade, Hingham High School, Hingham MA


Equality is the freedom
To choose your own actions
You don’t live under anyone’s thumb!
But rather, for your own satisfaction.

Diversity is in America
Go explore, it’s astutely clear.
Our ancestors would not look down in shame.
But rather marvel at the variety here.

Equality is mutual respect.
A fair chance at opportunities
An existence not scorned, beaten, nor ostracized.
But rather a part of a community

Diversity does not mean
You will be lost among sea clones,
Diversity is not something to fear,
But rather, it shows that you are not alone.

   2nd Place



Virvioly Valdez, 11th Grade, Boston Community Leadership Academy Boston MA


Coming together is the last trend,
and I’m the only one in fashion.
Everyone can see what’s in season,
just by coming together.
Just kill them with kindness.
So kill inequality with your smile.
If you smile it can take a million breaths away.
A million different shapes and colors,
are beautiful.
A smile, a hand, and even love
is all the world needs,
to be free.

   3rd Place

Paul  M.J. Telesmanick, 12th Grade, Hingham High School, Hingham MA


Each one of us starts the day saying God created equality. So even though we come from different races have different color on our faces, we all share a common goal together caring for each other.

For it’s all about changing the world, working together towards the same goal to finally put an end to discrimination and begin to see equality in our nation.

It’s the first small step towards taking a change in the world that we are making to provide opportunities for all mankind by shaping views in people’s mind of the
beautiful multicultural world we live in. 

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