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  Singing Equality Across America

Thank you for those who were able to attend World Unity Inc.’s 2018 kickoff event to celebrate our accomplish of securing a site for the World Unity Landmark in Union Point and looking ahead to 2018!  We’ve come this far because of the support and leadership of everyone in our organization who believe in the message of the Sun poem and creating a world that values all people. Our campaign, “Singing Equality across America,” continues to be a major initiative as we share it with school districts across the nation.

As I mentioned at our event Carnegie Hall has a program “A Time Like this: Music for Change.”  We’ve reached out to them to consider including our song in a program and have hundreds of children on stage singing our song!  Let’s visualize this together to make it happen!  If we can have our song performed at the UN we can make this happen! In the meantime please continue to reach out to your friends and colleagues and invite them to share our video and Like our Facebook page.  We have 1038 Likes, let’s get it up to 2,000 over the next 6 months!  Below is the note you can send and personalize it if you’d like. 

Please join World Unity Inc. in sharing a video of 429 children from a school in New Hampshire singing a song about equality that was performed at the UN in 2015 and Like us.  Attached is the image of the video that's on World Unity Inc.'s Facebook page:  Thanks for your leadership and support.  Enjoy the song!

The success of us building the landmark and planting this song in America and in the world will be a success for humanity and helping create a world that values all people!  Thank you for your leadership and support.  Stay warm and have a great day!

Warm regards,

Sara Ting
Founder & President